Technology and R&D

In the aspect of technology, Yuan'en has 10 senior engineers, 15 profestional engineers and 32 profesional technicians. We have extensive knowledge in various fields within the fluid treatment industry, including fluid pump conveying technology, fluid process control, pipe connection and filtering process. We adopt optimized ways to unceasingly improve production efficiency, for instance, conveying liquids safely and effidently, maintaining cleanliness of all flow passage parts, and ensuring efficient cleaning according to snitalion sla nda rds and requirements. In addition, all equipment must work safety and efficiently with the minimum maintenance requirements.

Yuan'en personnel have always fulfilled social responsibility as its obligation. Through R&D and technologiol innovation with independent intellectual property right, Yuan' en has merged the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, %stainable development and energy conservation into productsand projects, making its contributions bp environmental protection.