President Speech

Sincerity writes the move. Struggling and persistence cast our glory history. A warm home realizes Yuanen people’s common dreams.

“Yuanen People” have thrown them into the reform of the market economy. In the ever-changing market, our unique operating mode, advanced technologies, tenacious struggle spirit and sincere cooperative awareness have blazed a new road for the company.

 We view customers’ requirements as our work standard. Our principle is “United, Progressive, Pragmatic, Innovative, Cooperative”. Our goal is to “keep same pace with the world, and rank first in China.” Our mission is to “revive national industry and create human health”.

 "Yuanen" is a friendship bridge between us, the fertile soil for the ambitious young people to realize your dreams, as well as a stage for the global talents to display your ability. “Yuanen” can bring courage to the wise and strongness to the dedicated. “Yuanen” can change more ideals into reality, and more aspirations into rich fruits.