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Mixing-Proof Valve
Mixing-Proof Valve

Mixing-Proof Valve

Main features:
Model NO.: XW
Size: Dn38-100
Materials: SUS304,SUS316L

Product Description


The mixing-proof valve is operated remotely through compressed air. The valve is normally closed under normal situations.
This type of valve has two independent plug seals. Under normal working status, a leakage cavity that connects atmosphere will be formed between the two seals. The products will flow into the leakage cavity and be discharged from the outlet. When the valve is under the closing status, the leakage cavity is closed. Therefore, the transported products can flow from one pipeline to another.
The valve can carry out cleaning of the upper and lower stems and leakage cavity,which helps this type of valve to meet high hygiene standards required in sanitary fluid industrial treatment. The more efficient and convenient cleaning operation of the valve can ensure that the direct washing of special CIP fluids can reach all surfaces, and the time spent is shorter when compared with other conventional washing systems.