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Globe Valve / Reversing Valve
Globe Valve/Reversing Valve

Globe Valve/Reversing Valve

Main features:
Model NO.: XC
Size: Dn25-100
Materials: SUS304

Product Description

Reversing valve

The new type sanitary globe valve/reversing valve is featured by more safety, cleanliness. durability and beautiful appearance.
It has an open yoke that separates the cylinder from the body so as to directly carry out inspection of the shaft seal. This design enables the valve actuator to be separable from the body and avoids heat transfer from the body to pneumatic actuator.
The valve "normal closing" and "normal opening" functions can switch instantly.
With ideal flowability and cleanliness, the spherical body treats materials more gently.
It adopts snap-in type connection to make installation, maintenance and servicing very convenient.


• Simple and unique construction, easy disassembly for inspection
• All parts are Interchangeable. There are diversified assembly ways.
• The replacement of stem gaskets is simple end convenient without the need of using any special tools.

Pneumatic motor

• The pneumatic motor adopts an integral structure that is easy to manage. The running mode can be changed through reversing the assembly.
• The pneumatic motor adopts Spring Return mode. In case of power cut or other abnormal situations, it can correctly carry out full opening and full closing.
• The valve running mode and status can be simply identified from a remote distance through monitoring the identification nozzle at the top of the pneumatic motor

Pneumatic motor pressure withstanding: 1.0MPa
Pneumatic motor air consumption: 1.5NL-2.0NL/stroke
Pneumatic motor material: SUS304
Pneumatic motor surface machining: sand blasting and grinding