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Main features:
Materials: ABS
Sensing Switch:At most 3

Product Description

▪ The controller has unique outer shape and top transparent skylight design. The opening and closing status of the valve can be judged directly according to the color transmitted from the LED light.

▪ An embedding structure is adopted at the LOGO. Two different colors are used on the LOGO, representing the opening and closing status of the valve.

▪ The internal control unit magnetic sensing part and electromagnetic valve are products of internationally famous brands, providing reliable quality guarantee.

▪ The circuit board control unit is developed on the basis of mature processes of internationally famous brands. It has such features as powerful functions, stable performance and easy operation.

▪ According to the reserved data ports, the central control cabinet can well control the opening and closing of electromagnetic valves so as to control the opening and closing of control valves.

▪ According to the opening and closing of the valve, the control unit will provide feedback signals to display the working status of the valve.
▪ The colors of the LED light represent the working status of the valve. (Green means closing status and blue means opening status.)

▪ When the circuit module is added to provide 4-20mA current, proportional control of valves can be achieved to realize any opening.

Safe and solid
The controller housing has good anti—impact performance and ultraviolet resistance. The controller has excellent water resistance, playing a good protection function in some severe conditions.

The controller adopts modular design, featured by simple inner structure, few parts and easy maintenance and servicing.

Feature Description