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Aseptic Segmented Diaphragm Valve
Aseptic Segmented Diaphragm Valve

Aseptic Segmented Diaphragm Valve

Main features:
Model NO.: XC
Size: Dn25-100
Materials: SUS304,SUS316L

Product Description

In the HYGEIA aseptic valve, the liquid-contacting action part and the external driving part are separated by Teflon diaphragm, so as to realize total isolation from the outside air and avoid pollution of the products. Maintaining the aseptic status, it is a widely applied product that is most suitable for the production after the important sterilization process.


• Diaphragm material: PTFE
• Diaphragm pressure withstanding: 0.4MPa 150°C
• For aseptic machine identification, if the identification cover at the upper part of the valve is white. it means forward running, and if it is red, it means backward running.


• Considering its washing effects, the diaphragm adopts dead-corner-free design.
• Compared with traditional stainless steel expansion joints, it has more powerful impact resistance, higher actor frequency and a longer service life of up to 1 million times.
• Its cost is relatively low. When food safety and biopharmaceutical requirements are higher and higher, its market share is gradually increasing with very high price-performance ratio.